Sally Hook

My path in life is to explore ideas with clay for my own enjoyment. I have spent over 35 years in this activity, going through phases of methods, techniques and subject matter as diverse as my mind's eye. That is my endless process, of ransacking my imagination for making objects that reflect my interests and aspirations for my artistic life. 
I have spent time in travelling the world looking at art and participating in artistic activities relating to the ceramic medium. Through this experience, I have come to the conclusion that there is no right or wrong in making art...just in the quality of the work, how the art is made and why. The best art is unique to itself, the artist following his/her own road. After all this time and work, I feel at last, to believe in my imagination and to be brave. 
My art encapsulates my belief in beauty and strangeness. It is naïve and romantic, old fashioned and new. Hard to put into a box, I am not a follower of fashion but have absorbed the work of others, then in my isolation, been able to follow my own instincts. I am prepared to be lambasted for being weird, old fashioned or cute. This is me. I revel in being different and the same.