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HADYN WILSON - 'Locus Non Consequensia' Exhibition

22nd June 2017

Locus Non Consequensia or ‘Location of no consequence' is a project that began in the early 2000's and existed only as a concept and a collection of drawings.

Locus Non Consequensia is a project designed to honour all places which have no apparent aesthetic or utilitarian value and to consider these places through one representative square metre of ground which will be randomly selected using Google Earth and a random number generator. We live at a time in history where the need to reflect on the fundamental physical reality around us and give time and attention to seemingly unimportant spaces and expand that focus out into the world has never been more important. 

As part of the Manly Arts Festival 2017, Manly Art Gallery and Museum will be hosting the inaugural Locus Non Consequensia ‘dedication' on Saturday 9th September, 2.30pm.

This will hopefully be the first of an on-going and global project.

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