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Sue Meyer

Sue Meyer's work emerges instinctively and it is easy to be swept up in its fluidity and depth. It invites the viewer into an open, transformative world that speaks of both mystery and adventure. She has exhibited continuously in both solo and group exhibitions since 1997 and has been selected as a finalist in numerous competitions.

Growing up immersed in the exotic sights and sounds of the East, Sue's artistic practice is imbued with unique influences that resist easy definition. At age 16, brushed by the salt air of her new home, Sydney, yet another rich layer evolved.

Combined with a lifetime absorbing the imprints of regular travel, the multiple layers of Sue's work reflect memory, nostalgia, and an ever-changing physical and emotional environment. Spontaneous markings and gestures, surfaces scraped and scratched with mixed media become journeys to other worlds. Past and present together with the ever-fleeting moment weave harmoniously into new perspectives and possibilities.

Contemporary Australian artists Pam Cowper, Elizabeth Cummings, and Jenny Sages have been amongst Sue's most inspirational teachers, leaving profound influences on her artistic development

"For me, painting is a journey of discovery. With time and contemplation, thoughts, feelings and ideas evolve into artworks. I continue to be fascinated with the possibility of creating something beautiful out of chaos and adversity. The smallest detail impacts on the balance and harmony of the whole.''

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